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Brown Sedge

This rhizomatous species is found in wet meadows and marshes, fens, by ditches and streams, on the margins of lakes and ponds, and occasionally in dune-slacks. It almost invariably grows in well-illuminated sites, particularly on base-enriched substrates, and favours areas with a fluctuating water table. Generally lowland, but reaching 455 m on Windburgh Hill (Roxburghs.).

Divided Sedge

A rhizomatous perennial herb of brackish ditches, dune-slacks and damp grasslands near the sea. It avoids areas of standing water. Lowland.

A tufted perennial herb, tolerating a wide range of soils, except those which are markedly acidic, and found in hedge banks, scrub, along woodland borders and paths, on roadsides and in rough, open grassland. Lowland.

This tufted perennial herb occurs on roadsides, in woodland rides, in hedge banks and open grassland, always on chalk or limestone. Lowland.

Star Sedge

A perennial of seasonally or permanently waterlogged habitats on acidic to base-rich substrates. It is found in a wide range of mires, wet heaths, upland flushes and springs; also in rush-pastures, wet meadows, flushed grassland on hill-slopes and, rarely, in wet woodland rides. 0-1005 m (Macgillycuddy`s Reeks, S. Kerry).


A tussock-forming perennial herb of oligotrophic or mesotrophic (sometimes eutrophic) marshy habitats, often calcareous, including fens, the margins of lakes, ponds, rivers and canals, ditches prone to seasonal flooding, and wet Alnus or Salix woodland. Lowland.

Elongated Sedge

A perennial herb of wet woodlands, especially those dominated by Alnus and those on lake shores, but also found on pond margins, in ditches and seasonally flooded areas, and in wet meadows. In favourable conditions it can form large, loose tussocks and it sets seed freely in more open situations. Lowland.

Rare Spring-sedge

A perennial herb restricted to dry, grazed grasslands; it occurs on infertile calcareous soils overlying limestone, chalk or chalky boulder-clay. It is a poor competitor and soon disappears if under-grazing allows the sward to become too rank. It reproduces vegetatively and by seed, albeit sparingly. Lowland, reaching 400 m near Shap (Westmorland).

Long-bracted Sedge

A perennial herb, mainly confined to areas within reach of sea water or spray. It is found on muddy or sandy estuarine flats, at the uppermost levels of saltmarshes and the edges of brackish ditches, and on moist coastal rocks and low cliffs. It often grows with C. distans. Lowland.

Downy-fruited Sedge

This rhizomatous perennial herb occurs on calcium-rich soils in a wide range of habitats. It is most characteristic of damp meadows, but is also found in dry grassland, grassy woodland rides and along roadsides. Lowland.