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Dwarf Mouse-ear

A winter-annual of chalk and limestone substrates, occurring mainly in open, barish patches within short-grazed grassland, especially on sunny banks and cliffs; also found as an alien in quarries, on spoil heaps and on ballast along railway lines (e.g. in Beds.). Lowland.

Little Mouse-ear

This annual or overwintering herb of well-drained, sandy or calcareous soils is found on dry banks and open, grassy places, on heathy ground, fixed dunes, disturbed sandy areas near the sea and walls. It also grows on rock ledges and bare places on limestone, and occasionally grows in heavier clay soils. 0-485 m (Isla, E. Perth).


A spreading, mat-forming perennial herb naturalised on roadsides, railway banks, waste ground, tips, dunes and coastal shingle. Lowland.