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Wood Anemone

A rhizomatous perennial, found in woodland, on streamsides, under Pteridium, on hedge banks, in heathy grassland, on open moorland, in scree and on limestone pavement. It has a wide pH tolerance, but in woodlands it is most abundant where the vigour of more competitive species is reduced by acidity, waterlogging or regular coppicing. 0-1190 m (Ben Lawers, Mid Perth).


A stoloniferous herb of muddy pond margins, cattle-poached ditches, canals and sluggish streams; also, as var. uniflora, on wet open sand by the sea. Almost entirely lowland, but recorded in flushes at 710 m on Little Fell (Westmorland).


This perennial herb grows in shallow water on the margins of standing or slowly flowing water, including lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, ditches and canals, or in deeper water on floating mats of vegetation. It also occurs in tall-herb fen, in marshy pasture and on damp mud. Lowland.

Pale Dewplant

A perennial shrub bearing thin, prostrate stems and succulent leaves. It is grown in coastal areas and is found thoroughly naturalised on walls, rocks and cliffs near the sea. It also occurs as a wool shoddy casual. Although seed is set in Britain, reproduction is by rooting of stem fragments. It is more frost sensitive than Carpobrotus and Disphyma, and this appears to limit its spread. Lowland.

A widespread fertile hybrid, occurring in pastures, on roadsides, in disturbed ground and as a natural colonist of formerly ploughed land. Generally lowland, but reaching 570 m at Llyn Llygad Rheidol (Cards.).

An annual occurring in short grasslands, on heaths, downs and dunes, in open scrub, woodland rides and upland moorlands. It is absent from agriculturally improved land. 0-825 m (Cross Fell, Cumberland).


A shrub of damp or shaded habitats including woods and hedgerows. It is also widely cultivated and occurs well outside its native range in semi-natural and artificial, often drier habitats, being apparently spread by birds. 0?630 m (Macgillycuddy`s Reeks, S. Kerry).

Tall Tutsan

A bushy shrub naturalised in damp or shaded habitats, including hedges, thickets and stream banks. Dispersal by birds may be significant, owing to the succulence of the young fruits, but spread is not rapid, and naturalised populations are usually found near parks and gardens. Lowland.

Great Lettuce

An annual or biennial herb, sensitive to grazing, occurring as a native on coastal cliffs, inland rock outcrops and perhaps sand dunes, but much more widespread as a plant of rank calcareous grassland, woodland margins, road-banks, quarries, tracks and rough ground. Lowland.

Bur Forget-me-not

An annual introduced in bird-seed, grass-seed, grain and wool shoddy and occurring as a casual on waste ground and rubbish tips. Lowland.