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Purple Crab

A deciduous tree planted in hedgerows, parks and amenity areas, on roadsides and as a street tree. It rarely becomes naturalised, but such populations are known in S. England. Lowland.

Western Yellow-pine

A large evergreen conifer that is frequent in parks, but less common as a plantation tree. Lowland.

Generous Poplar

A vigorous tree which is found along roadsides and in parks, and increasingly as cultivars in plantations. It does not sucker. Lowland.

A large deciduous tree, potentially occurring wherever the parents meet and sometimes occurring in the absence of the less frequent Q. petraea. It may be present as pure stands, as in some steep coastal river valleys, or as individual trees. Generally lowland, but upper altitudinal limit unknown.

Dutch Rose

An upright deciduous shrub, suckering to form dense thickets. It is found as a garden escape or throw-out in hedgerows and on roadsides and waste ground; it also occurs as a relic of cultivation. Lowland.

Small-leaved Sweet-briar

An erect, deciduous shrub of open scrub on dry, calcareous grassland overlying chalk or limestone. Populations often consist of only a few individuals. Lowland.


A deciduous shrub with weak flexuous stems which often climb over other vegetation, often forming dense patches. It grows on a wide variety of soils, but avoids very acidic sites, and is found on woodland edges, in clearings and along rides, on roadsides and railway embankments and in scrub and hedgerows. 0?410 m (Titterstone Clee Hill, Salop).

A deciduous shrub with arching stems which occurs along woodland edges, by rides and in clearings, and in hedgerows and scrub. It grows on a variety of soils, but avoids very acidic sites. It is partially fertile, usually producing a majority of well-formed hips along with a smaller number of sterile fruits. Generally lowland, but reaching 325 m at Blaen-twrch (Cards.).

White Rose (of York)

A spiny deciduous shrub grown in gardens and found as a persistent or naturalised escape in hedgerows, on roadsides and on waste ground. Lowland.

A spiny deciduous shrub found as a garden escape in Surrey. Lowland.