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Small-flowered Sweet-briar

A tall, climbing, deciduous shrub, typically found in woodland, scrub and hedgerows, and also more open habitats such as chalk grassland, heathland, sea-cliffs, disused quarries and railway embankments. It grows on a range of well-drained soils, but is most frequent on calcareous substrates and avoids the more acidic sites. Lowland.

Soft Downy-rose

An erect, deciduous shrub, suckering freely and sometimes forming dense thickets. It occurs in woodland, hedges, scrub and rough grassland, and on rocky streamsides, rock outcrops, screes, cliffs, sand dunes, waste ground and on roadsides and pathsides. It grows in a variety of well-drained soils, but avoids very acidic conditions. 0?470 m (Pennant Dyfi, Merioneth).

An erect, freely suckering, deciduous shrub, usually found with the parents in hedgerows, rocky grassland, and more typically in scrub on sand dunes. It is usually sterile, but occasionally produces a few well-formed hips. Lowland.

Many-flowered Rose

A deciduous shrub or climber found planted or as a naturalised garden escape in woodland, hedges, copses, scrub and on railway embankments and waste ground. It can grow on the poorest of soils. Reproduction is by seed. Lowland.

Round-leaved Dog-rose

A low-growing, deciduous shrub with arching stems found along woodland borders and in hedgerows, scrub, rough grassland and road verges, gravel-pits and waste land. It prefers well-drained calcareous to mildly acidic soils. Lowland.

Burnet Rose

A low, suckering deciduous shrub most often found on sand dunes and sea-cliffs, but also inland on sandy and less acidic heaths, in scrub and hedgerows on chalk and limestone, and on basic cliff ledges in upland areas. Cultivars grown in gardens sometimes become naturalised. 0?610 m (Glaramara, Cumberland).

A variable, tall or low-growing, sometimes suckering, deciduous shrub. It is found in a variety of open habitats where the two species occur together, such as sand dunes, sea-cliffs, heaths, scrub and hedgerows. It is partially fertile, usually with very few well-formed hips. Lowland.


An erect deciduous shrub, characteristically found in scrub and hedgerows on chalk and limestone, but also found in quarries, on railway embankments and on waste ground. It is often frequent as a colonist of under-grazed chalk grassland. Lowland.

Japanese Rose

A suckering, deciduous shrub found planted or as a garden escape or throw-out in hedgerows and on sand dunes, sea-cliffs, road verges and waste ground; also occurring as a relic of cultivation. It is often well-naturalised, forming large thickets. Lowland.

Prairie Rose

A spiny, scrambling shrub which is naturalised in scrub in the Channel Islands. Lowland.