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Sherard`s Downy-rose

An erect, deciduous shrub of woodland edges, hedgerows, scrub, rough grassland, heathland, rock outcrops, cliffs and lane- and track-sides. It grows on a variety of soils and is able to tolerate both moderately acid and wet conditions. Lowland.

Short-styled Field-rose

A deciduous shrub found almost exclusively on well-drained calcareous soils overlying chalk, limestone, clay and sand. It tolerates slightly shaded habitats, and is found in open woodland, hedgerows, disused quarries and scrub. Lowland.

Harsh Downy-rose

A deciduous shrub with arching or climbing stems, which prefers calcareous to mildly acidic soils and is found on woodland edges and in hedgerows, where it appears to thrive in relatively shady conditions, but also in more open habitats including scrub, rough grassland, disused quarries and less acidic heaths. Lowland.

Scarce Londonpride

A stoloniferous, mat-forming herb occurring as a garden escape in damp, shaded, often rocky places such as woodland, roadside banks and streamsides. Lowland.

S. rosacea subsp. hartii grows on sea-cliffs, where it has apparently been recorded from a number of stations on the W. and N. parts of Aranmore Island (W. Donegal). The altitude is reported to be about 90 m.

Irish Saxifrage

A stoloniferous perennial herb of well-drained but moist, rocky or stony substrates with little or no soil cover. It is especially common among rocks in and by mountain streams, but also occurs on cliff ledges, in rocky gullies, on scree slopes and sea-cliffs, often in open, N.- to E.-facing sites. 0?960 m (Macgillycuddy`s Reeks, S. Kerry), but rarely below 500 m.


A perennial, stoloniferous herb, usually growing in shaded or at least damp places in woods, by streams, on banks and walls, and among rocks. Generally lowland, but reaching 335 m at Parsley Hay (Derbys.).

Pyrenean Saxifrage

A perennial herb, eventually forming a low cushion of basal leaf-rosettes from prostrate stems. S. umbrosa occurs as a naturalised garden escape in shady or at least damp places, occurring by streams, on banks and among rocks. Lowland.

Green Figwort

A rhizomatous perennial herb which grows on fertile soils by streams and rivers, and in damp woodland, in both open and shaded places. Generally lowland.


This erect, slender annual occurs as a casual garden escape on rubbish tips and in waste places. Lowland.