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Basil Thyme

A usually annual herb of open habitats in dry grassland, rocky ground or arable fields. In Britain it usually grows on calcareous soils, whereas in Ireland it occurs on sandy and gravelly sites, including eskers. It is also a rare casual of waste ground, quarries and banks by roads and railways. Lowland.

Common Calamint

A rhizomatous perennial of hedge banks, road verges, rough scrubby grassland and rocky outcrops, usually on dry calcareous soils. It may occur as a relic of cultivation. Generally lowland, but reaching 380 m at Conistone (Mid-W. Yorks.).

Lesser Calamint

A short-lived perennial herb of dry, S.-facing banks and rough grassland on calcareous, sandy or gravelly soils. Formerly a pasture plant, it is now largely confined to roadsides, railway banks, churchyards and waste ground. Lowland.

Wood Calamint

A rhizomatous perennial herb of lightly-shaded woodland edges and scrub overlying chalk. Lowland.

Wild Basil

A rhizomatous perennial herb of hedges, woodland margins, coarse scrubby grassland, coastal cliffs and sand dunes, typically on dry calcareous soils. It is also found on waste ground, old quarries, and railway-sides. 0-395 m (W. Perth).