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Large-leaved Avens

A large herbaceous perennial found as a naturalised garden escape in woodland and on roadsides, river banks and by paths. Lowland.

Water Avens

A perennial herb of mildly acidic to calcareous, slow-draining or wet soils, in shaded or open habitats, including streamsides and flushes in deciduous woodland, carr, herb-rich hay meadows and montane willow scrub and tall-herb communities on ledges. Reproduction is by seed and by rhizomatous spread. 0?975 m (Beinn a` Chaoruinn, Westerness).

Hybrid Avens

A highly fertile and variable hybrid, frequently occurring where the habitats of the parents overlap, especially where there is some disturbance. 0?450 m (Nenthead, Cumberland).

Wood Avens

A perennial herb of freely-draining, mildly acidic to calcareous soils. It is found in moderate shade in deciduous woodland (especially in disturbed sites in secondary woodland), scrub and hedgerows and in more disturbed and open habitats, where it may grow as a street or garden weed. Generally lowland, but reaching 450 m on Alston Moor (Cumberland).

Scarce Londonpride

A stoloniferous, mat-forming herb occurring as a garden escape in damp, shaded, often rocky places such as woodland, roadside banks and streamsides. Lowland.