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White Dead-nettle

A rhizomatous or sometimes stoloniferous perennial herb of secondary woodland, hedge-banks, waysides and rough ground, often growing on fertile soils close to habitation. 0-345 m (Garrigill, Cumberland).

Henbit Dead-nettle

An annual of open, cultivated and waste ground, usually found on light, dry soils. It also occurs on walls, by railways and in cracks in pavements. 0-455 m (Atholl, E. Perth).

Northern Dead-nettle

An annual of cultivated and waste ground. Generally lowland, but formerly recorded as a casual at 320 m in Derbyshire.

Cut-leaved Dead-nettle

An annual of cultivated, waste and disturbed ground on dry soils, often occurring as a weed of heavily fertilised, broad-leaved crops. 0-320 m (Derbyshire).

Spotted Dead-nettle

This rhizomatous or stoloniferous perennial herb is naturalised on rough ground, rubbish tips, roadsides and waste places, usually close to habitation. Generally lowland, but recorded at 490 m above Garrigill (Cumberland).

Red Dead-nettle

This annual is a frequent colonist of fertile and disturbed soils, and is found in cultivated and waste ground, gardens, hedgerows, on roadside verges, along railways, around rock outcrops and in rough grassland. 0-610 m (Grasshill, Co. Durham).