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An often robust hybrid found in a wide variety of habitats, including woodland, scrub, hedgerows, rough grassland, sand dunes, tracksides and waste ground. It is fertile and back-crosses to its parents, often producing complex hybrid populations. Lowland.


A deciduous shrub of well-drained calcareous to moderately acidic soils. Habitats include woodland, scrub, hedgerows, cliffs, river banks, rock outcrops, roadsides, railways and waste ground. It can rapidly colonise open, disturbed sites. 0?550 m (Breadalbanes, Mid Perth).

A deciduous shrub found in scrub, hedgerows, on road verges, tracksides and other open habitats. It is a fertile hybrid which usually occurs in areas where both parents are present, but is not uncommon in some areas when R. obtusifolia is rare or even absent. It grows mainly on calcareous soils. Lowland.

An upright deciduous shrub of woodland, hedgerows, scrub, rocky grassland, sand dunes, cliffs, disused quarries and roadsides. It prefers well-drained calcareous soils. It has recently been found in urban areas where R. rubiginosa has been used for landscaping. It is fertile and backcrossing is frequent. Lowland.

A robust deciduous shrub with flexuous or climbing stems. It occurs on woodland edges and in hedgerows, lanesides, scrub and open grassland. It grows in soils varying from calcareous to mildly acidic. It is usually fertile. Lowland.

A large deciduous shrub with flexuous or climbing stems. It prefers calcareous soils and is found in hedgerows, along woodland borders, tracksides and in scrub and rough grassland. The hybrid is fertile and backcrosses are frequent; an almost continuous range of intermediates between the parents can be found in some populations. Lowland.

A tall deciduous shrub with climbing or arching stems. It grows along woodland borders, in scrub and hedgerows, on road and track sides and on railway embankments. It prefers well-drained calcareous soils, but is also found on basic clay substrates. It is usually fertile. Lowland.

Red-leaved Rose

An erect, deciduous shrub, suckering freely to form thickets. It is found as a naturalised garden escape or throw-out in woodland, hedgerows and scrub, and on roadsides, railway embankments, sand dunes and waste ground; it also occurs as a relic of cultivation. Reproduction is by seed, which can be bird-sown. Lowland.

Red Rose (of Lancaster)

A spiny deciduous shrub found as a naturalised garden escape in scrub and hedgerows, on roadsides and railway banks, and in rough grassland. It reproduces by suckering and seed. Lowland.

Memorial Rose

A semi-evergreen, more or less procumbent shrub which occurs as a naturalised garden escape in scrub, on cliffs, on grassy banks and on beaches. Lowland.