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White Burnet

A large rhizomatous herbaceous perennial grown in gardens and found naturalised in marshes and beside streams and lakes. Lowland.

Salad Burnet

A perennial herb, almost confined to dry, infertile grassland on chalk and limestone, but also occurring on boulder-clay. It is often abundant on downland, but also grows in rock crevices, scree, quarries and on roadside banks. It is occasionally recorded with ericaceous shrubs on leached downland summits and on heathland, but only where rooted into basic horizons below. 0?500 m (N.W. Yorks.).

Fodder Burnet

This perennial herb is a relic of cultivation which occurs as a casual, semi-established or naturalised plant in grassy places, on field edges, tracksides, banks, roadsides and railways. Lowland.

Great Burnet

A perennial herb of neutral grassland, occurring on alluvial or peaty soils in damp or dry, unimproved pastures, hay meadows and marshy meadows, on river banks and lake shores and in base-enriched flushes on grassy heaths. 0-460 m near Cauldron Snout, Teesdale (Westmorland).