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Tasteless Stonecrop

A perennial herb, found as a garden escape which can become established on lane banks, cliffs, walls, rocky places, stone steps and in churchyards. Lowland.


A mat-forming evergreen perennial herb, growing on walls, rocks and roadside banks. Lowland.


A perennial herb, found on wood-borders, hedge banks, roadsides, rocky banks and in limestone pavement, often in very small but very persistent colonies. It also occurs as an uncommon ancient woodland plant, but sometimes fails to flower in this habitat. 0-455 m (Falcon Clints, Co. Durham).

Hairy Stonecrop

A small biennial or perennial herb which grows in at least slightly base-enriched, wet, stony ground and on streamsides in hilly areas, and in montane, often bryophyte-rich, flushes. From near sea level to 1100 m (Breadalbanes, Mid Perth), but mostly between 250 m and 500 m.