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Confused Bridewort

A perennial shrub, naturalised on roadsides and river banks where it forms dense thickets. Usually lowland, reaching 435 m at Nenthead (Cumberland).

Japanese Spiraea

A deciduous shrub which occurs as a naturalised garden escape or throw-out in scrub, hedgerows and quarries and on heaths and roadsides, waste ground and rubbish tips. It also occurs as a relic of cultivation. Lowland.

Russian Spiraea

A deciduous shrub with arching stems found naturalised in a disused limestone quarry and on a laneside. Lowland.


A deciduous shrub with long, arching branches found as a naturalised garden escape in woodland and scrub and on roadsides, banks, railway banks and waste ground. Lowland.


A deciduous shrub, planted for ornament and occasionally naturalised in woodland and on roadsides, river banks and waste places. Lowland.


A strongly suckering deciduous shrub found as a naturalised garden escape on roadsides, in rough grassland and on waste ground. Lowland.