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Garden Pansy

This annual or perennial herb is very commonly grown in gardens and sometimes escapes, typically being found near habitation on rough or cultivated land, waste ground, roadside verges and rubbish tips. It is usually casual, but can persist for a few years. Lowland.

Field pansy

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A partially fertile hybrid, generally occurring with the parents, but occasionally in the absence of one or both. It is found on cultivated land and waste ground. Lowland.

Heath Dog-violet

A perennial herb of a variety of acid habitats, including heaths, coastal dunes, stony riversides and lake shores, especially in Scotland. It can also occur on thin, heavily leached substrates overlying chalk and (as subsp. montana) in fens. 0?425 m (Isla, E. Perth).

Heath Dog-violet

A perennial herb of open, moist, peaty ground in fens and on their margins. Reproduction is by seed, which may lie dormant for many years, germinating in response to disturbance which opens up the habitat and reduces competition. Lowland.

A sterile hybrid found generally in open situations on sandy, acidic soils, sometimes in the absence of one parent. Habitats include dry grassland, heaths, dunes, riverside rocks and roadsides. Lowland.

Horned Pansy

An annual or short-lived perennial herb, widely grown in gardens and sometimes escaping to become established on roadsides, wood-borders and railway embankments, and in hedgerows and rough grassland. It also occurs as a casual on waste ground and rubbish tips. Lowland.

Hairy Violet

A perennial herb, occurring mainly on calcareous soils, and found in short grassland or open scrub on downland, rocky slopes, limestone pavement, woodland borders and rides, and sometimes on base-flushed but more acidic riverside substrates; also on roadsides and railway banks. Generally lowland, but reaching 610 m on Long Fell (Westmorland).

A partially fertile hybrid, usually found in association with both parents in open woodland and open scrub on the slopes of calcareous downs and escarpments, and on roadside banks and tracksides. Lowland.

Dwarf Pansy

A tiny annual of short coastal turf, open disturbed areas on sandy soils, open sand on eroding coastal dunes, around rabbit burrows, and arable fields. It can also grow under the shelter of coastal Pteridium in the Isles of Scilly, and in thin soil on granite sea-cliffs in Guernsey. Lowland.