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This sterile hybrid occurs with the parents in heathland habitats, often forming large, clonal, free-flowering patches. It is vigorous and often occurs in less open habitats than those preferred by V. lactea. Lowland.

Mountain Pansy

A perennial herb of grazed grassland on hill-slopes and banks, and on rock ledges. Although usually found on calcareous rocks, it is a mild calcifuge, preferring leached soil but avoiding very acidic sites; it also grows on metalliferous soils. In W. Ireland it occurs on coastal dunes. Mainly upland, reaching 1050 m (Breadalbanes, Mid Perth).

Sweet Violet

A perennial herb, usually found on calcareous or other base-rich soils. Its habitats include open woodlands, hedge banks and scrub, and less frequently shady road and railway banks and verges. Alien populations are naturalised in churchyards and elsewhere. Reproduction is by seed and by rooting stolons. Lowland.

Marsh Violet

A perennial herb of bogs, wet heaths, marshes, Alnus and Salix carr and wet woods, especially on acidic soils where there is some flushing. It is frequently associated with Sphagnum, and is also found in non-calcareous dune-slacks. 0-1220 m (Ben Macdui, S. Aberdeen).

A rhizomatous perennial herb, found in identical habitats to subsp. palustris: bogs, marshes, wet heaths, woods and carr, particularly in acidic areas flushed by springs. Lowland.

Fen Violet

A perennial herb found in Britain on damp peaty or clayey, base-rich soils in seasonally wet fens, and in Ireland on the margins of turloughs. It is a poor competitor, preferring areas subject to fluctuating water levels, cattle trampling or peat-digging. Seed is long-lived. Lowland.

Early Dog-violet

This perennial herb is found in deciduous woodland and hedge banks, usually in moderately shaded situations but also in the open where it can sometimes persist following woodland clearance. It is most frequent on calcareous soils, being particularly common in woods over limestone and chalk or base-rich clays. Generally lowland, but formerly reaching 610 m as an alien in Mid Perthshire.

A highly sterile hybrid recorded from woods, woodland edges and roadsides, especially those on calcareous soils. Lowland.

Common Dog-violet

This perennial herb occurs in a wide range of habitats, including open deciduous woodland, hedge banks and road verges, meadows, heaths, moorland, mountain grassland, rocky slopes and cliff ledges; it can become a serious weed in gardens. It avoids wet areas but is generally indifferent to soil type, shunning only the most acidic habitats. 0-1020 m (Stuchd an Lochain, Mid Perth).

Teesdale Violet

This shy-flowering perennial occurs in exposed, dry, open limestone grassland, invariably on bare or eroded slopes or hummock-tops. From 140 m on Arnside (Westmorland) to 600 m on Long Fell (Westmorland).