Cymbalaria muralis

Tracheophyta MagnoliopsidaScrophulariaceaeCymbalariaCymbalaria muralis


This perennial herb is well-established on old walls and bridges, pavements, and in other well-drained rocky and stony places, often near habitation. It is also found as large, prostrate patches on shingle beaches. It can root from fragments or from nodes, and its seeds germinate readily in brick and stone mortar. 0-450 m (Garrigill, Cumberland).



World Distribution

Native of the mountains of S.C. & S.E. Europe; widely naturalised through much of temperate and southern Europe.

Broad Habitats

Light (Ellenberg): 7

Moisture (Ellenberg): 5

Reaction (Ellenberg): 7

Nitrogen (Ellenberg): 6

Salt Tolerance (Ellenberg): 0

January Mean Temperature (Celsius): 3.7

July Mean Temperature (Celsius): 15

Annual Precipitation (mm): 990

Height (cm): 8

Perennation - primary


Life Form - primary




Clonality - primary

Extensively creeping and rooting at nodes

Count of 10km squares in Great Britain: 2059

Count of 10km squares in Ireland: 619

Count of 10km squares in the Channel Isles: 14

Atlas Change Index: -0.1

Weighted Changed Factor: 10

Weighted Change Factor Confidence (90%)


JNCC Designations


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