Gaultheria shallon

Tracheophyta MagnoliopsidaEricaceaeGaultheriaGaultheria shallon


A low shrub, locally naturalised in woodland and open heathland on acidic, sandy and peaty soils. Generally lowland, but reaching 365 m at Tosson (S. Northumb.).



World Distribution

Native of western N. America.

Broad Habitats

Light (Ellenberg): 3

Moisture (Ellenberg): 4

Reaction (Ellenberg): 4

Nitrogen (Ellenberg): 3

Salt Tolerance (Ellenberg): 0

January Mean Temperature (Celsius): 3.6

July Mean Temperature (Celsius): 14.9

Annual Precipitation (mm): 1077

Height (cm): 150

Perennation - primary


Life Form - primary




Clonality - primary

Rhizome far-creeping

Count of 10km squares in Great Britain: 179

Count of 10km squares in Ireland: 14

Count of 10km squares in the Channel Isles: 1

JNCC Designations


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