Potamogeton lucens

Tracheophyta MagnoliopsidaPotamogetonaceaePotamogetonPotamogeton lucens


A rhizomatous perennial herb with submerged but no floating leaves, P. lucens grows in relatively deep, calcareous water in lakes, larger rivers, canals, flooded chalk- and gravel-pits and major fenland drains. It is found in clear, nutrient-poor, unpolluted waters as well as more eutrophic and turbid sites. 0?380 m (Malham Tarn, Mid-W. Yorks.).



World Distribution

Eurosiberian Temperate element.

Broad Habitats

Light (Ellenberg): 7

Moisture (Ellenberg): 12

Reaction (Ellenberg): 6

Nitrogen (Ellenberg): 6

Salt Tolerance (Ellenberg): 0

January Mean Temperature (Celsius): 3.7

July Mean Temperature (Celsius): 15.5

Annual Precipitation (mm): 832

Length: 250

Perennation - primary


Life Form - primary

Perennial hydrophyte (perennial water plant)



Clonality - primary

Irregularly fragmenting (mainly water plants)

Clonality - secondary

Rhizome far-creeping

Count of 10km squares in Great Britain: 456

Count of 10km squares in Ireland: 171

Count of 10km squares in the Channel Isles: 1

Atlas Change Index: 0.25

JNCC Designations