Prunus cerasifera

Tracheophyta MagnoliopsidaRosaceaePrunusPrunus cerasifera


A shrub or small tree of roadsides, hedges, woods and copses and ornamental plantings. It rarely if ever suckers, and only occasionally sets fruit. Lowland.



World Distribution

Native of S.E. Europe, S.W. & C. Asia.

© P. Shannon

Broad Habitats

Light (Ellenberg): 6

Moisture (Ellenberg): 5

Reaction (Ellenberg): 7

Nitrogen (Ellenberg): 6

Salt Tolerance (Ellenberg): 0

January Mean Temperature (Celsius): 3.7

July Mean Temperature (Celsius): 15.8

Annual Precipitation (mm): 803

Height (cm): 800

Perennation - primary


Life Form - primary

Mega-, meso- and microphanerophyte



Clonality - primary

Little or no vegetative spread

Count of 10km squares in Great Britain: 900

Count of 10km squares in Ireland: 11

Count of 10km squares in the Channel Isles: 4

Atlas Change Index: 3.43

Weighted Changed Factor: 70

Weighted Change Factor Confidence (90%)


JNCC Designations


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